Dallas Mobile Fingerprinting

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About Dallas Mobile Fingerprinting and Mobile Notary Services in Dallas, TX

Certified Fingerprint TechniciansThe Dallas Mobile Fingerprinting staff consists of highly reliable and professional Certified Fingerprint Technicians as approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Bureau. Fully trained with years of experience.

We are as qualified and officially authorized to fingerprint anyone for State or Federal (FBI) background checks. We can do all the same applicant fingerprinting for the public that any law enforcement agency can do and more! In addition, we are commissioned Texas Notaries.

 *Special Corporate and Group Rates*
*Lowest Mobile Trip Charges in Dallas*

Fully Guaranteed Fingerprinting

All Work is Fully Guaranteed
When requested, we can provide proof of official certification to you prior to conducting the fingerprinting process. We will provide you with the highest quality of classifiable ink based fingerprinting available in the entire Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. All work is fully guaranteed. At expert level, our staff has fingerprinted thousands with an extraordinarily small classification rejection rate of less than 1% collectively as a team.

Why Offer a Mobile Service?
A few years back, we saw an enormous need in the Dallas - Fort Worth area for a mobile fingerprinting and notary services provider. The public did not have a convenient way to get their fingerprints recorded for background checks because the area Police departments and other law enforcement agencies fingerprint only their residents and only on certain days and hours of each week.

Dallas, TX Mobile Fingerprinting Service

FD-258 fingerprint cards Law enforcement agencies do not stock or provide FD-258 fingerprint cards and they will not do Immigration fingerprinting.
They will not provide a mobile service to you. For these reasons, Dallas Mobile Fingerprinting came into existence to fill a niche in the market place to help ease the process for businesses and individuals who are required to be fingerprinted. Don’t wait in line at a police station to be fingerprinted in an intimidating jailhouse booking room, just call (214) 529-8157 today!

This is What We Do Full-Time.
This is not a part-time job for us and we take our business very seriously with great pride in producing excellent results. We are fully trained and experienced to handle the needs of 1 person up to groups of 100 or more. With our level of professional experience, you will receive the highest level of excellent service and quality workmanship, and that is our guarantee!

Dallas Mobile Fingerprinting

Dallas Mobile Fingerprinting is the number one choice for fingerprinting in Dallas, TX!

Call Us Today - (214) 529-8157

Corporate teams and other groups of individuals needing to be fingerprinted will receive the lowest rates throughout Dallas – Fort Worth, TX.

Our organizational skills are second to none so whether we are fingerprinting 1 individual or a large group of people, we will help guide everyone through the fingerprinting process very smoothly and efficiently. There will not be an additional charge if more fingerprint technicians will be required for a large group.

Convenience and Experience at Your Fingertips

Remember, with Dallas Mobile Fingerprinting, this is not only our company slogan, it is our guarantee. Our success is based upon our proven track record of professionalism, experience, availability, and dedication to providing exceptional fingerprinting and notary services to all of our customers.

Official Certification, and the Lowest Rates in the Metroplex

Are you are looking for experience, official certification, and the lowest rates in the Metroplex? You may wonder: How can 1 company provide everything I am looking for? Look no further, you just found it. Simply call (214) 529-8157 to receive your low rate quote and to schedule a convenient appointment. We are available to help you save time and money immediately and we would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers!

FD-258 fingerprint cards

Call (214) 529-8157

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